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Average Cost of Cosmetic Surgery in the UK

Cost of Cosmetic Surgery in the UK

As with most things in the UK, the price of cosmetic surgery varies dependent upon the exclusivity of the clinic where tretment is sought and, very often, purely upon geographical lines. Treatment in London clinics, especially the more exclusive Harley Street clinics, tends to coct more than in other locations. Costs are also subject to the extent of the surgery in many cases.


There are three major cosmetic procedures relating to breasts that are widely available across the UK; enlargement, reduction and uplift. In general enlargement, which is sometimes also referred to as breast augmentation or breast implants, costs between £3,400 and £5,000. Many of these will include a warranty on the implant, usually of ten years. A reduction mammoplasty is a little more expensive; averaging £3,700 to £5,500 whilst mastoplexy, or uplift surgery, is similarly priced at £3,250 to £5,500.


A facelift, or Rhytidectomy, usually starts in the region of £4,000 but can cost up to £5,800. Individual facial treatments are also available; a rhinoplasty, or nosejob, is a popular treatment and usually costs no more than £4,000 with prices starting at £3,000. UK prices on Blepharoplasty differ dependent upon whether both upper and lower lids are being worked upon or whether only one of thetwo are treated. Prices start in the region of £2,850 but upper and lower lid work can cost up to £4,000. Otoplasty, or ear reshaping, prices are usually about £2,695 as a guideline starting point.


Costs for fat removal vary greatly. This is dependent upon where on the body that the procedure is taking place and the extent of the surgery. Prices can start from just £1,500 for a very minimal procedure on one area but can rise to as much as £5,000. A good average price would be £2,600. At the more expensive end of the scale patients will most likely be paying for an overnight stay as well as surgery which is reflected in the cost.

Tummy Tuck

An abdominoplasty is a major operation and requires general anaesthetic and a hospital stay of a few days. This is reflected in the price which is unlikely to start below £4,000 and can rise to £5,200. At the top endof the scale, however, is a full abdominoplasty with contouring liposculpture. This is a very comprehensive operation and can cost anything up from £6,500.

Non-Surgical Treatments

In addition, there are some non surgical treatments which can be undergone and which are far cheaper methods of facial rejuvenation. Most of these treatments are available either as a one off treatment or as a course. In the case of microdermabrasion one treatment costs from £55 whereas a course of six treatments costs from £275. Facial peels are a very common and affordable procedure; one treatment costs from £60. A course of four treatments costs from £210. A more comprehensive treatment is line and wrinkle smoothing, one treatment in one area costs from £199. Two areas in one treatment session costs from £325.

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